About Hanson Landscape & Design

At Hanson Landscape & Design, we love what we do. Every step that we take in every job is one step closer to fulfilling the goals of our clients, whether it is simply having a professional mow on a regular schedule or creating a beautiful back yard that is the perfect getaway after a long day.

When it comes to your lawn and landscaping, we are here to solve problems, bring creative ideas into reality, and make your residential or commercial lawn look great so that you have the desired curb appeal. As a highly experienced Minneapolis lawn care company, it is our commitment to give each and every client the best. This means using the best equipment, having a staff that is highly educated and knowledgeable in lawn care and landscape design, and always continuing our education so that we can bring our customers the latest in lawn care and landscape design.

Our Commitment To You

After spending years in a business that we have a passion for, we know what quality workmanship is and that it is not something that should ever be compromised. This is why we use only the best quality materials and the latest techniques to ensure the job is done correctly. We don’t take shortcuts, but we can get the job done quickly so that you can enjoy your well-groomed lawn or new back yard as soon as possible. Regardless of the complexity or the size of the project, we can promise you it will be done as soon as possible at a reasonable cost.

With our seasoned crew, we have decades of experience working for you. Every step is carried out correctly and our crew takes the time to ensure the installation is a success that will last for the long-term. We care about our clients, as well as those that live in their neighborhoods. While we want to make your property look its best, we also want you property to enhance the appearance of the surrounding area.

A Work Ethic You Can Trust

We also have a strong work ethic that you can trust. We treat the worksite with respect. We do not act carelessly, placing your property at risk. We also ensure that no hazards are left when we are done because we respect the safety of you, your family, and your pets. We take pride in what we do, so we are not satisfied unless you are satisfied.

Contact A Minneapolis Lawn Care Company

Hanson Landscape & Design provides you with lawn care and landscaping solutions that will help you have the lawn that you have always wanted to have but don’t have the time to maintain. We offer both lawn and landscape design services that make life easier for you while accentuating your property. To learn more about our services, call us at 952-393-6385 to schedule a free estimate.