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iStock_000014578371XXXLargeWhen having a new driveway or patio installed, it may be necessary to have a retaining wall installed, especially if you are enlarging the usable surface area. The building of a retaining wall is the first step of the project after any old grass, asphalt, or concrete is removed. After the wall is built and concrete is poured or pavers put down, the yard will need to be re-graded and sod laid or grass seed spread in some cases.

However large or small the scope of the project, it is very important that it is done by a professional Minneapolis landscape design company. At Hanson Landscape & Design, we will help you choose the right kind of stone for your retaining wall and we will ensure that the entire yard receives the treatment that it needs in order to look its best.

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Knowledge has a great deal to do with constructing a new section of retaining wall. The wall has to be placed properly and perfectly level or it could fall. It may even be necessary to place a drainage system behind the wall. The type of soil and where new concrete or pavers are to be placed can determine whether or not a drainage system is needed and, if so, what type. The result is a very well-built retaining wall that will hold up for years to come while looking great.

Retaining walls can be built from different types of stone. There are stacked stone walls and boulder walls. There are also different types of block. These walls are very popular around fire features and swimming pools. They are also popular in areas where soil needs to be retained for a flower bed or an elevation change on the property.

Retaining Walls That Last For Years

It is very important that there are no mistakes in the design because such mistakes can cause a number of issues, such as water leaks. If water is allowed to leak through a retaining wall, it compromises its integrity. We bring superior craftsmanship to every job as we put our expertise to work for you. We tend to be able to see problems in advance so that we can prevent them, thus allowing the process to move forward as quickly as possible with a great deal of precision.

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Retaining walls can be a great addition to a property. They have a number of functions and they are attractive. They also add value to the property. If you need to have retaining walls built on your property, Hanson Landscape & Design can help you. To learn more about this landscaping option and our other landscape and lawn care services, call us at 952-393-6385 to schedule your free estimate.