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iStock_000013396369LargeWhether a walkway is made of brick, stone, or concrete pavers, they provide a safe and easy way for you to travel through your yard. With a level surface that keeps you out of dirt, mud, and even wet grass, getting to your destination can be a bit more pleasant. There is also the aesthetic appeal that is provided by having stone, brick, or concrete pavers forming a path through the yard.

If you are in need of attractive walkways around your property, Hanson Landscape & Design can properly place attractive walkways where you need them. As a highly experienced Minneapolis landscape design company serving the Twin Cities metro, we have installed many walkways of different types on residential and commercial properties.

Helping You Choose The Right Design

There are many things to consider when choosing the right design. We will review all of those considerations with you so you can choose the walkway that fits your personality, the architecture of the structure, and the layout of the property.

The first consideration is ensuring that the walkway is wide enough for at least two people to walk side-by-side. The type of walkway will also determine the width. If you’re looking at having a front entry walkway, five feet is a good width with four feet being the minimum.

The shape is another consideration. A curved sidewalk can be quite interesting, but it does depend on how formal you want your sidewalk to be. Too many curves can affect the overall look of the walkway. This is where taking the style of the home into account will help you when choosing the shape. Look at what you want to emphasize. If it is the front entry, a straight walkway may be the best.

Lastly, there are materials to choose from. Your home is going to give you a clue as to what material is going to work best. Pavers close to the color of the home can be great or pavers that are the color of the accents on the home will work as well. You may also want to consider that poured concrete pavers are going to be sturdier than natural stone or steppers. What you choose simply depends on what you want and need.

Quality Walkways That Last

Our goal is to use our expertise to build quality walkways that last for years. Many homes throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul have walkways that we have installed and they have maintained their beauty and their durability, just as they will for more years to come.

Contact A Minneapolis Landscape Design Company

Walkways are multi-functional in that they give individuals designated safe places to walk out of grass, mud, and dirt that are level and they also provide a degree of aesthetic appeal to the property. At Hanson Landscape & Design, we can build quality walkways for you that match your style and the architecture of your home or business. To learn more about this service and the others that we offer, call us at 952-393-6385 and request your free estimate.