Lawn Care Minneapolis & St. Paul

iStock_000020994956LargeYour lawn, whether residential or commercial, creates a first impression. If it is overgrown or not trimmed properly, then it can make the property as a while look unkempt. With a well-groomed lawn and shrubs, you can make your property look the way that you need it to look so that the property as a whole is attractive.

If you are ready to have your lawn professionally maintained, Hanson Landscape & Design can do the job for you. Our Minneapolis lawn care service maintains lawns of all sizes for both residential and commercial customers, ensuring that that first impression is a great one.

Quality Lawn Care Services

The lawn services that we provide save you a great deal of time while your lawn is able to reach its full potential. The lawn care services that we offer include:

  • Monthly mowing
  • Shrub trimming
  • Fertilizer and weed control
  • Irrigation and sprinkler systems
  • Commercial lawn care

Another advantage to keeping your lawn and shrubs trimmed and weeds controlled is the fact that pests on the property can be avoided. There are certain types of insects and other tree and shrub diseases that can plague the property if it is not well kept. Through professional lawn care, you know that the elements that attract pests are being kept at bay so that you do not have to worry about shrubs and other plans on the property being damaged or destroyed.

Service On Your Schedule

We can establish a lawn care schedule with you that works for you. We can evaluate the property and advise you of how often your lawn will need to be cared for. From there, we can establish a schedule so that your lawn is consistently looking fantastic all year round. What you receive is professional service, we clean-up after ourselves, we edge around trees and landscaping, and we ensure that you are satisfied with the service that you receive. We take pride in what we do and your satisfaction.

Through professional lawn care, your lawn will be cared for according to your specifications, bushes will be trimmed back in a way that is healthy for them rather than harmful, weeds can be eliminated without damaging any surrounding plants, and fertilizer can be applied where needed. We do everything possible to help you have a beautiful lawn that you can enjoy and be proud of.

Contact A Minneapolis Lawn Care Service

Hanson Landscape & Design is committed to providing you with first-class service for the best possible cost. We can take care of the mowing of your lawn, shrub trimming, irrigation and sprinkler systems, fertilize and control weeds, and we also do commercial lawn care. If you are ready to have the beautiful lawn that you have always wanted, call us for a free estimate at 952-393-6385 today.