Fertilizer & Weed Control Minneapolis & St. Paul

shutterstock_13393672At Hanson Landscape & Design, our goal is to give you a lush lawn that adds beauty to your home or business. We have different fertilizer and weed control options available to you. When it comes to fertilizing your lawn, there are options for early spring, spring, summer, early fall and late fall so that you have a lawn that will be in good health.

When you want a thick lawn that looks fantastic and is well cared for, Hanson Landscape & Design can help you. We offer affordable solutions, making the investment worth the time that you will save and the beautiful lawn that you will have. Because we are a highly experienced Minneapolis lawn care company, you know that you are getting the best.

Customized Solutions For Your Lawn

Not every lawn requires the same number of fertilizer or weed control applications. In other words, every lawn is different. The lawn type, the soil type, and other factors specify the fertilizer mix and the rate in which it is to be applied. Only a professional lawn care service will be able to determine the perfect fertilizer and weed control program for your lawn. At Hanson Landscape & Design, we have that experience, so you can rely on us to present you with the proper program that will give you the beautiful lawn that you want and need.

Lawn Treatment That Is Safe For The Environment

The fertilizer and weed control systems that we use are safe for the environment. We don’t use fertilizers that contain phosphorus because it is not safe for the environment and because Minnesota law prohibits the use of it in fertilizers. The reason is because phosphorous can encourage algae blooms in many of Minnesota’s lakes and ponds. Furthermore, homes that are located around lakes require a great deal of care because it is important that the lake plants and aquatic animals are not exposed to anything that can hurt them. We treat the environment with the respect that it deserves. This also means our treatments are safe for you, your family, and your pets.

We take pride in the fact that we only offer treatment options that are safe for the environment while also being highly effective. This also helps you reduce your carbon footprint. Many customers throughout the Twin Cities opt for our fertilizer and weed control services because they want to ensure that they can achieve what they want for their lawn without hurting the ecosystem.

Contact A Minneapolis Lawn Care Service

Two components of a healthy lawn are fertilizer and weed control. You want the good things to grow and the bad things to stay away. At Hanson Landscape & Design, we fertilize the good and we eliminate the bad so that your lawn can look beautiful. Not only does this result in curb appeal, but a healthy lawn. To learn more about our fertilizer, weed control, and other services, call us at 952-393-6385 to schedule a free estimate.