Monthly Mowing Minneapolis & St. Paul

shutterstock_195398021It can be very difficult to find the time to mow your lawn, let alone ensure that every spot of grass on the property is mowed. You most likely have to set aside an entire afternoon in order to take care of your own landscaping. Then again, you may find that your lawn becomes overgrown rather frequently because you just can’t find the time to take care of it between work, family, and all of the other obligations that you have.

At Hanson Landscape & Design, we take care of your mowing for you and much more. Because we are professionals, you receive a professional mow. We are a Minneapolis lawn care service that is friendly, honest, and reliable; our rates are low; we mow the lawns of commercial and residential properties, as well as apartments and townhomes; and we are licensed and insured. When you hire us, you get the best quality service so that you can

Service You Can Rely On

Because everyone’s lawn grows at different speeds based on the lawn itself and the amount of moisture it may receive, we can establish a lawn mowing schedule with you. We can assess the lawn and advise you as to what sort of mowing schedule will work for you.

With professional lawn care that is done properly, you do not have to worry about having bare spots in the lawn or one area of the lawn higher than the rest. Instead of having to mow and re-mow to get that professional look, you can leave it to the professionals so that you can enjoy time with your family and devote time to your job rather than having to worry about when you are going to be able to mow your grass. You also do not have to worry about not being able to give your lawn the attention that it needs.

Quality Lawn Care For The Best Cost

Our mowing services also come at the best possible cost. Of course, the exact cost will depend on the size of your lawn and how often you want your grass to be cut. What we can promise you is a fair cost for high quality lawn service. We use the best equipment and we only charge for the services you sign up for and nothing more. We want you to feel secure in your investment and you can sign up for as many or as few services as you want when you want.

Contact A Minneapolis Lawn Care Service

Having your lawn professionally mowed means a very clean look and a great first impression. Through the hustle and bustle of life, it can be difficult to find the time to mow your lawn on your own. At Hanson Landscape & Design, we ensure a professional grade mow so that your lawn looks uniform and very clean. To learn more about our monthly mowing service, call us at 952-393-6385 to schedule a free estimate.