Shrub Trimming Minneapolis & St. Paul

shutterstock_216762526Trimming shrubs can be rather tricky because they need to be shaped and they have to be trimmed in a way that allows them to thrive. Incorrectly trimming shrubs can cause damage to them, thus could cause them to become diseased or damaged to the point that they die. There is also the fact that keeping your shrubs trimmed gives the property a great deal of aesthetic appeal.

If you want to have professionally manicured shrubs that are healthy and bring a great deal of aesthetic appeal to your property, Hanson Landscape & Design can do the job for you. Our professional Minneapolis lawn care service uses only the best tools in addition to a great degree of skill to ensure that every shrub is properly and beautifully trimmed.

Preserving Shrub Health

A newly trimmed shrub is a beautiful sight. A well-trimmed shrub is going to be a fantastic feature for your property and will increase curb appeal. Trimming shrubs also preserve the health of the plants. By removing the dying, dead, or diseased portions, the diseases don’t spread and insects do not settle into the deadwood.

Trimming also diverts energy from producing wood to other functions that the plant has. In other words, regular pruning can stimulate flower growth and make flowers on the shrubs even larger. The stems can be larger and any fruit that they produce can be better.

The act of trimming shrubs is an art. It is important that the trim is done the right way and at the right time so that shrub growth is enhanced and disease and insect infestations reduced. Flowering and fruiting can be improved, as is overall plant health. There is also the fact that correct pruning is different for the different shrub types, which is why it is best to have a professional shrub trimming service take care of the task for you. This will save you a great deal of time in the research needed to understand how to trim a specific species as well as the task of trimming itself.

An Asset To Your Property

When the shrub is trimmed properly, there is a great deal of curb appeal that is achieved. This makes the investment in lawn care service worth the money. At Hanson Landscape & Design, we are a cost-effective solution, giving your lawn the professional look and feel that you want it to have. You also know that the job is done right and that your shrubs will be healthy and gorgeous for the long-term.

Contact A Minneapolis Lawn Care Service

At Hanson Landscape & Design, we take a great deal of pride in the work that we do for each of our customers. When it comes to shrub trimming, we ensure that the job is done correctly so that your shrubs will thrive and look beautiful. If you want to ensure that your shrubs always look their best and remain healthy, we can help. To learn more about this and all services that we can offer you, call us at 952-393-6385 to schedule a free estimate.